About Us

Our Mission Statement

To promote community welfare and lessen the burdens of the City of Quincy and nearby communities by assisting law enforcement in the apprehension and conviction of criminals through making funds available for use as rewards in connection therewith; by helping develop a community effort against crime; by motivating members of the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies within and near to Adams County, Illinois; by providing for awards for such cooperation; to inform and educate the public by disseminating information as to criminal schemes and tactics so as to further protect the public from criminal activity; by soliciting donations to carry out the above-mentioned purposes.

How does the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers program work?

Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers is a non-profit program involving three essential elements in the fight against crime. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Adams County citizens. The Board decides on cash rewards and raises funds for the program. Funds are raised through private donations from individuals and businesses, and through fund raising events such as the Midwest Monster Adventure Race.

The three elements are:

The Community: Citizens are responsible for forming a Crime Stoppers non-profit corporation, whose Directors establish policy, determine amount and method of reward payments, work closely with the media and police, and oversee the program.

Law Enforcement: A special Crime Stoppers phone is manned by law enforcement. The callers are given a special code number and do not give their names. If after investigation the information leads to an arrest, the caller is entitled to a reward. Our Crime Stoppers program is coordinated by representatives from the Quincy Police Department, Illinois State Police, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.

The Media: Crime Stoppers’ phone number is publicized on a regular basis by the media. An unsolved crime or “Fugitives of the Week” is given special treatment with details published in the newspaper and aired on radio and television.

How do I submit a tip? 

There are two ways to submit your information and qualify for a cash reward up to $1,000 without giving your name! It is very simple to report a crime. Call Crime Stoppers at 217-228-4474. Before doing so, we request that you have as many details available as possible in order to assist law enforcement. Give your information to the person answering the phone, they may need to ask you questions or give you instructions. The more information we have the better chance an arrest will result. Remember, Crime Stoppers only pays out rewards for the arrest and/or indictment of suspects involved in crimes.

Or you can submit a WebTip online. WebTips are encrypted and entirely confidential. Please note: After you submit a WebTip, your unique ID number will be shown on the computer screen. WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN. You will need it to check the status of your tip or pick up your reward.

How do I remain anonymous?

People with information regarding criminal activity and fugitive locations are often reluctant to talk to law enforcement officials because they fear retaliation. Crime Stoppers does not use Caller ID or record telephone conversations. We do not ask for your name, address, telephone number, etc. We would rather not know this information to not only protect you, but to protect the integrity of the Crime Stoppers organization. The caller is assigned a code number, which is used on the information file, and the referral sheet is forwarded to the appropriate agency for the follow up investigation. Callers also use their code to check on the status of the case, or add information to the case.

How do I receive my reward?

Crime Stoppers pays a cash reward up to $1,000.00 when an arrest is made or a crime is solved as a result of the caller’s information. The Crime Stoppers Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of every month to go over solved crimes from the previous month. The Board of Directors determines the cash reward for each eligible tipster. On the first Friday of the month, you can call to check the status of your reward. If you are eligible for a reward, you will be given a password and directions to pick up your reward. This process is also anonymous.

How do I make a donation to the tip reward fund?

Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers is a private, 501 (C)(3) nonprofit chartered organization. Tax-deductible donations may be sent to P. O. Box 56 , Quincy, IL 62306 . If you have any questions regarding donations, please call the Crime Stoppers office at 217-228-4485, or via e-mail at info@quincycrimestoppers.com .

Citizen involvement is the key to crime solving. With your participation, Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers will continue to be an effective crime-fighting tool in Adams County.